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Congratulations on planning your big day! By choosing me, you get a customized, fun and yet serious wedding ceremony for a great price. I can perform a simple ceremony or work with you to create something amazing! I am a Metaphysical Minister who is authorized in Alberta to officiate marriages. I am open to everyone over 18 yrs of age with no judgement or religious/gender restrictions. I will create your wedding ceremony based on what you want and, can come to you to perform the paperwork required for those who are eloping or having destination weddings. I am married with two beautiful children and support adults with disabilities in my home. I spend my time officiating weddings and funerals, baby naming & blessings, house blessings/energy clearing, offering spiritual counselling, volunteering at the school, performing various part-time jobs and always taking new courses. I love keeping busy but I still consider myself fairly open and laid-back. I enjoy spending time with my family camping and travelling and am always up for a new adventure. I am often found in the mountains and near a lake and enjoy an impromptu wedding out there. Keep your eyes peeled on my twitter account or contact me on my travels and you may just be able to create an awesome mountain wedding at a great price and on short notice! Moderate rates and flexibility and will work with you within your budget. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Reverend Tanya Overland
Calgary Wedding Officiant

403.607-9307 cell

About my Ceremonies

I'm all for preserving the sanctity of commitment through marriage; even if it's your third time around! LOL :) I try to shy away from judgement - really, who am I to judge? I just need to know you love each other and both of you understand the commitment. I try to include children, family members and pets into the ceremony. All couples must speak english (or provide their own interpreter) and be 18 yrs of age.

Ceremonies (not elopement) includes pre-ceremony meeting, either in person or on skype/phone and, all weddings include personal touches to the ceremony itself. There is a charge for any wedding outside of Calgary and is based on travel to and from the ceremony site from my home.

I like to include a short blessing at each ceremony. Full payment is due prior to the ceremony and gratuities/barters are welcome.

Basic Rates/Honorarium

Elopement/Paperwork - Legal Requirements Only!

$175 At my home or $225 At your home = You, your partner and two witnesses.  (Limit to 6 of us including children)

$250 Simple, Quick Ceremony - Park/House/Small Venue (up to 10 of us)

For this ceremony, I add in a welcome to guests, a few words on marriage, vows (you are allowed to collaborate), ring exchange, and simple blessing.

$350 Larger venue/hotel Wedding Ceremony - more than 15 people. Includes a specialized ceremony, anywhere in Calgary and a one- hour pre-ceremony meeting, skype or unlimited calls/texts or emails. (Includes Dewinton, Okotoks, Chestermere)

$400 Long Weekends

$400 Kananaskis/Banff/Lake Louise

$100 Rehearsal fees

$40 Rush Registration

LCR Photography

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